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Homeland Tarot: Carrie Mathison – wielding swords while blindfolded

It’s officially Sunday morning and I’m up after too much coffee at dinner, followed by a minor fiasco wherein I thought my car had been towed in downtown San Francisco, but it turned out I only parked a block away. No matter. It all gave me a chance to think strategy. And strategy on a […]

A dose of courage for the cowardly lion

MerryNell has her fingers deep into my soft, yet rigid, abdomen, coaxing my constricted psoas to release. My face contorts and I wince. I would really like for this to end. I can handle pain, a lot of pain actually, especially if I know it will lead to greater relief in the long run. Physical pain, […]

Clearing the path

I know a lot of people who’ve had to make some very serious, heavy decisions in the past few weeks. Some have had to leave business partners, back out of deals that were seemingly a dream come true, or leave relationships. It seems that though the year of the horse is in full swing, some […]

Writers, the carrion eaters

For the past three months, I’ve been seeing a lot of vultures. I see them almost every day, at home, at the farm with my daughter, at the dog park. It happens the same way: a single bird circles and once I take notice, the circle gets tighter and it eventually flies over my head, […]

In which I disagree with Sherman Alexie *gasp*

I am a huge fan of Sherman Alexie. HUGE. In fact, I have placed a bounty on the heads of those who borrowed my copies of his books and failed to return them. (You know who you are.) Despite funneling all of my cash to my over-indulged children and student loans, I splurge on hardback […]

Stepping Up My Writing Game

November is right around the corner, which carries with it the promise of a long-yearned-for fall here in Southern California and the craziness of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Two years ago, I dove in to the NaNoWriMo mosh pit and hammered out the bare bones beginning of a novel that has haunted me since. My novel […]


Just a few short days after writing my perky cheerleading post, I find myself feeling deflated, like the balloon we got in the hospital when our daughter was born that managed to just barely stay afloat for 8 weeks (it was like the little balloon that could, until it couldn’t). True, I am currently experimenting […]